Columbia School District

The Columbia School District lies in a rural area that stretches into four southeast Michigan counties. Within the district one finds a multitude of inland lakes and plenty of recreational opportunities. The beautiful and placid atmosphere has attracted many new residents from urban areas. This influx from the cities has provided our school district with a richly diverse population and a rapidly growing business community.

In the late 1960's the current school district was formed through the consolidation of the Brooklyn, Cement City and Clarklake schools systems. Today the Columbia School District provides educational services for more than 1,700 students and is a Class B school system.

The Columbia School District believes that ALL students can learn and achieve mastery of essential skills. The district, to the extent it is financially able to provide physical and human resources required to meet these responsibilities, is dedicated to providing an environment that fosters self-esteem, self-motivation, and responsibility in our students. The district also believes that education is a cooperative effort between home, school and the community.

The curriculum at the Columbia School District includes advanced course work in academic areas, world languages, Career Center offerings, art, drumline, musical productions, yearbook, field trips, field days, camping experiences, assemblies, Student Council/Senate, summer band and band camp, educational trips (Washington D.C., Mackinaw Island, London), Title 1 Reading and Math assistance, Brooklyn Buddies, and many other opportunities to make learning meaningful.